Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Communcation Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Communcation - Movie Review Example They ignored each other while the destination of the two was the same. They were the graduate students of the University of Chicago. As it is said, â€Å"First impression is the last impression.† The clarity has appeared on the scene that they did not like each other and they did not even verbally communicated with each other (Gupta). 2. They had realized in the early stages that they could not be friends because the attitude of the Harry was that men and women could not be friends as the sex unavoidably gets in the way. The attitude and behavior of Sally were positive, and she was of the opinion that gender discrimination is not required for friendship. Harry and Sally did not change their attitude for many years. The scene is shown in the film that they had a bad experience in the past when they met after ten years in a plane. At that time, Harry was alone because he had given divorce to his wife. Sally was alone because she had ended relationship with her boyfriend. The experiences faced by the two were bad, and the climax of the movie came forward when the expressions of both were communicating that they had fallen in a friendship. The theory of completeness of the communication â€Å"The idea should be concise and complete† could be observed in that scene (Gupta). 3. Harry and Sally met each other several times in the period of 12 years. They periodically met each other but did not try to communicate each other the perception that they had been agreed upon the same thing that they are likely to be friends with each other. They were not communicating with each other that the feeling of friendship had been raised among them. The impression on each other was changing during the period. The scenes in the film were showing the implied intention of friendship between them. It was clarified in the scene that they were feeling some relationship between them (Gupta). 4. The strategies adopted by the characters were slightly more than the comedy and

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