Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Human Resources Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Human Resources Development - Essay Example The oil spill proved to be a violation of the water act, migratory bird act and related acts on the conservation of natural resources (Graythen, 2013). The reader also gets an overview of the five-month oil disaster and a detailed background on how the leakage resulted. Moreover, the author narrates how the explosion occurred and outlines the government response to the incident. As expected, the spill affected the American energy policy something that the author also gave attention. In addition, the article mentions the efforts that taken to bring the exploded well back into control and the setbacks hindering rescue by the team charged with that responsibility. The article also mentions the probable recovery after the disaster. This article relates the saddening truth about the mine disaster in 2010 that left 29 dead in West Virginia. The author describes the desperation evident in the families of the victims concerning the loss. In addition, the author emphasizes on the long hours taken by the rescue teams in their effort to uncover the debris in the collapsed mine and unearths the bodies. Moreover, the moving story mentions that the tragedy resulted because of the mines negligence to abide by the stringent safety rules in place to protect the welfare of workers in the risky mines. It becomes clear from the story that the rescue task was difficult because of the state of the collapsed mine (Urbina, 2010). The West Virginia mine disaster highlights the surging problem in many mines and that concerns safety of the workers. Occupational safety in the mining industry deserves a priority in any mine because risk assessment reports have shown that the workers are always at a great risk. This explains the stringency of the rules and regulation that govern mining. However, the West Virginia case just highlights the reluctance with

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