Sunday, November 3, 2019

Create a strategy for the college of business in university of sharjah Term Paper

Create a strategy for the college of business in university of sharjah - Term Paper Example e areas that the university specializes in are entrepreneurship training, administration in business, research portfolio and a simulator in the financial market (University of Sharjah, 2014). A number of dynamics continue to arise in the teaching and learning environment not to mention the job market. The diversification requires that an elaborate plan be established to ensure that there is the institution is within in meeting the predetermined objectives (University of Sharjah, 2014). The university, therefore, seeks to establish itself as a world-class institution in business and management programs. To this end, there is a need to establish a strategic plan that will enable the institution becoming an organization of choice not just locally, but internationally (Sutton & Obst, 2011). To become an institution of choice where excellence is derived and dreams realized. The institution also seeks to produce the best business professionals to be able to satisfy the market needs as appropriate. An institution of learning where civilizations meet. One of the major drives is to be a world-class business university capable of attracting students and professionals from all over the world. The strategic positioning of the university makes it easy for the dream to be achieved. Make the university a professional hub where careers can be developed and skills developed. The University seeks to be the only institution where people can come and develop their skills and go out to the field confident of making an impact in the market. The institution also seeks to be a key consultant in matters concerning business and management strategies. Consulting services are to be made for every individual with particular interest in venturing into management or people who have a need to learn more about business issues. The business seeks to partner with other institutions to broaden the mandate of the university to providing quality services to the people and the clients in this case

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