Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Opportunities for Food Company to Develop Healthier Eating Products Assignment

Opportunities for Food Company to Develop Healthier Eating Products - Assignment Example With growing efforts by the government and a high level of media interventions, the arena of healthy foods is becoming an important side for the research day by day. Not only that, but it is also becoming an increasingly important factor for the consumer as well as the retailers. This movement has thus worked as an advantage for the food manufacturers and processors as the demand in the product areas such as organic, vegetarian, and low-fat/low-sugar foods has increased to a great extent. In the recent years, there has been a change in the mind-set of the manufacturers and processors in dealing with the demand generated for these products and the need to develop new and innovative ways before-hand. Nowadays, these manufacturers and processors are becoming more and more proactive in dealing with these issues. The reasons for such a shift can be attributed from various reasons. To begin with, it has been realized that there has been an increase in the amount of disbelief by the consumers over the current health claims presented by the manufacturers. This means, that the consumers are now deciding for themselves; the market has now presented the manufacturers with various dimensions to market themselves to as the market has now segmented to those who fall to such claims generated by the manufacturers and those who do not. ... than that, it has also been observed that since lifestyles of each age group have now changed, there has been a decline in the formal lunch times which has, hence, increased in snack food market; for instance day time is spent on the office desk and night time is spent playing games (case study). On top of that, consumers are being more interested in healthy foods. Therefore, there has been an increase in consumers as well as the retailers that favor healthier low fat, low salt, and low sugar products. This is so, because there has been an increase in the time pressures in the lives of the consumers. The term ‘grazing’ can effectively be applied here as there has been reported an increase in the frequency of smaller meals in the day. The number of consumers carrying hand held snacks while simultaneously being health conscious have also increased during the years. This means, that the manufacturers must learn to anticipate demand quickly of this growing market and thus th ink of innovative ways in all areas to improve quality and grasp the already expanding market share. As far as the changes in the healthy eating environment is concerned, Winson (71-82) mentions in his study about a healthy eating movement that is gradually picking up pace. According to the paper, the author states that â€Å"this movement is directly related to and is a collection of various small food movements. The list includes the likes of the slow food movement, the movement promoting organic foods and the re-localizing food. The latter is one of those movements that has been on the rise lately and has held the attention of various researches. The overall food movement has also been closely related to food security initiatives that gathered attention after the era of nineties. Other than the

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