Thursday, November 21, 2019

Strategy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Strategy - Research Paper Example Without BLS, the company that knows what business to focus on will not be able to maximize productivity and profits. Without the FLS, different divisions will not function effectively in line with business strategies. Any global or national environment with similar competitive sporting goods should be studied in connection with expansion plan to discover who will be the competitors, how they compete in terms of pricing, quality, and availability, because competitors might have their respective advantages which will be a threat to the entry of sporting goods. Opportunities will be available if a competitive advantage or evident differentiation can be established. Existing missions and goals should be the premise of developing strategies. Cost leadership involves all the strategies and activities that allow for the company to arrive at desired â€Å"features that are acceptable to the consumers at the lowest cost relative to that of competitors†, according to Hitt, Michael A.; Ireland, Duane R.; and Hoskisson, Robert E. (2010, p.108) . It is crucial to have this because people will compare the products, and will want to get the best value for their money’s worth. If features are the same for different options, the price will make the difference. 2You are a CEO of a regional sporting goods company and are contemplating expanding into the global market; however, you are unsure of what your strategy for globalization should be. You need to meet with your management team to develop a strategy. Explain how the following Factors apply into your strategy decision: External Environment (National, Global); Opportunities and Threats; Mission and Goals; and Leadership and Culture? Explain why the â€Å"Cost Leadership â€Å"strategy would apply

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